Places to [Snow]?

Well what we've got here is what we refer to as a good ol' Snow Day... And the day before my birthday no less!

Here's a newly released track to celebrate the snow day.

It was actually the track I recorded first last summer... It needed to age...

It's called "Places to Go" and has a fairly minimalist arrangement.


Finally! Something New!

Whenever I have Emma listen to one of my new recordings (both for "fun" and "she has a better ear than I do"), she many times will ask if the song is "about her," to which I always say, "No," as the lyrics were probably written in the span of 5 minutes and were the first things that rhymed that came out of my brain. 

I do not like writing lyrics.

But, in order to finally answer her in the affirmative, I came up with the song below, in which I may have taken some artistic liberties with our origin story: