Birthday Party!

On Sunday (my birthday) we had a party in Akashi Park (for my birthday)! It was a good night (because it was my birthday) of drinking, fun, and relaxing! After the park party (which was for my birthday) we went bowling at Futaba Bowl (for my birthday)... Joe came down from Omihachiman (for my birthday) for the weekend (of my birthday) which was really cool. We spent the rest of the weekend (of my birthday) recovering (from my birthday party) and chilling in Akashi... Check out the pics (from my birthday) here!

We're Good!

We are set for food and care packages! Thanks to all of you who sent them, they were sooooooo appreciated! You have no idea how much it helped us when we craved some good ol’ American food! Please refrain from sending any more food as we have plenty to last us the last month that we are here!


Do the Toshi!

A new dance craze is about to sweep the nation... Everyone...
Do the Toshi!

Remember you saw it here first!

Yet Another Tigers Game?!?!

Seriously... Am I becoming a baseball fan? I guess so... At least in Japan... On Tuesday, Emma and I went to a Hanshin Tigers game at the famous Koshien Stadium near Osaka... Accompanying us were Toshi (our crazy Japanese friend), Daniel (our crazy American expatriate friend), Akiko (our crazy Japanese friend), and Mayumi (Akiko's crazy Japanese friend)... The game was another good one, with Hanshin winning 5-0! I am definitely good luck for the Tigers, as they have gone 2-0 when I attend their games with a combined score of 12-0! Anyways, the game and after-party are best summed up in pictures! Check 'em out!


New Tuneage!

Check out the ReverbNation player to the right!! -------------->

A recently remastered version of a 2007 live performance of "For What It's Worth/Love Theme From Mst3k" recorded at Hautman Studios in New Prague, Mn has just been made available...

This 8+ minute epic highlights the improvisational prowess of Tom "Tommy" Teorey on electrically amplified guitar, the steady foundation of Jim "Jimmy" Hautman on electrified bass, and the competent musicianship of Mark "Take It Mark" Willard on acoustical guitar and "what could be called" vocals...

Check it out!


Tigers game!

On Sunday, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a Hanshin Tigers baseball game in Osaka... Like I have blogged before, baseball in Japan is a lot more exciting to watch than baseball in the U.S. (or at least in Minneapolis)... The crowd basically cheers the entire time, as illustrated in this following video:

Let me be perfectly clear.... The cheering illustrated in the above video happens for every player, regardless of situation. I believe the cheering going on in that video was a 2nd inning batter who had no one on base... So yeah, every batter has their own song, which, it seems, every fan has memorized...

The game was at the Kyocera Dome Osaka, which looks like a giant takoyaki ball... We did the traditional "Incognito Beer Sneak" with some cheap beers we got at a convenience store right across the street from the Dome, and I searched in vain for a hot dog that came with a bun, but they only had wieners on a stick... Oh well...

The Tiger crushed the Yokohama Bay Stars 7-0, so it was a really exciting game to watch! Check out the pics here!