C'mon now! Hee-we-go!

In the wake of such an epic last-post, this time around we go back to light and fun with a One Take cover of Eddie Cochrane's "C'mon Everybody"...

That's me on gitbox, bass, and vox... The bass was an overdub, but only one take, I swear!

Enjoy on the player to your right!


Crown of Cyruss

A new epic tale has been told... Listen on the player at your right

Crown of Cyruss

Conceived, written, and recorded over a period of 5 hours, Crown of Cyruss is a new prog rock masterpiece from Minions of Lebanon, a band with a long and storied past. Featuring former members of The Bathroom Beatles, Two Dollars for Nyquil, Psychosomatic Apricots, and The Juan Mayhall Brewstakers, Minons of Lebanon bursts onto the scene with this epic tale told in 4 movements.

Song Credits:

Pete Hemberger -
"The Magistrate":
6 String Classical Guitar
Lead 6 String Electric Guitar
Bass Guitar
Drum Programming
Auxillary Percussion Triggering

Mark Willard -
"The Oracle":
6 String Rhythm Electric Guitar
6 String Acoustric Guitar
Bass Guitar
Drum Programming
Auxillary Percussion Triggering

Lyrics and Music: Hemberger/Willard
Guitar Leads: Hemberger

Engineered, Produced, and Recorded at Syrinx Studios

Pete Hemberger plays Les Paul guitars, Fender basses, and Fender and Marshall amplifiers exclusively


Priests and fools and magistrates all bowed before his grace
But all the kings of the world cannot outlive their fate
The bastard child of great King Cyruss was forced into the throne
When misfortune struck our peaceful land and the boy child was left alone
As dark clouds gathered in the sky
Abdicated and removed, the throne was left... bare

I did not ask for this
rown upon my head
This burden I will not endure
Your needs remain unfed

Take this crown
I do not take this crown

I'll run into the woods
Make a world my own
I've heard tales of magic Men
Who have no need for thrones!

Take this crown
I do not take this crown

The magic Man

The magic Man has taught me much
I did not know before
I will commence my journey home
And reign forever more

Take this crown
I must embrace my crown

I was a fool for leaving you
To suffer all alone
I realize my destiny
To take this holy throne

Take this crown
Yes! This is my crown!

Take this crown
This crown!