Time After Time: Malfunktion Live!


Here's a video of Malfunktion playing at the "School House Rocks" teacher talent show this past weekend! We tried to rock as much as possible, and we were fairly successful to that end... Special thanks to my wife for the cat-calls at the beginning of the video...

Long Time, No Blog!

Clearly it has been a while (if I wanted to, I could calculate exactly how long, as the date is posted on the last blog entry, but who has the time to do that... Certainly not someone who has the time to type out this really long explanation) since my last blog post, but with good reason. I now have a job that requires more skills than simply showing up and speaking English... 

So I promise a fun update soon, complete with video... I just have to find a time when I am not working to capture said video digitally, edit said video, and upload said video... But it will be worth the wait (possibly not, but it's free and you're not forced to watch it...).