Production has finished on the Kubb set started oh so long ago at Emma's birthday party. As you can see from the picture above, it turned out pretty sweet! Clearly a Grain Belt Kubb set is a unique thing. I believe I may have the only one in existence.

I am lucky enough to have connections (i.e. "King Jimmy") into the Schell brewery, so I was able to procure actual neck labels from Premium and Nordeast bottles. No drinking and peeling for me here!

Production started the day before Emma's 30th birthday. We wanted to be able to play for the party, so production stopped at the green/red and white paint. Recently, production restarted as various accent stripe colors were explored. I tried various yellows, but settled on the metallic gold. I think it matches the labels quite nicely.

Stripes were painted, then labels adhered. A couple coats of clear coat finished them off.

The king, of course, got a moustache in honor the "The King of Grain Belt", Jim Hautman. His guidance, advice, and materials were greatly appreciated throughout production.

Now all that's left is to play! It's a shame these things are gonna get the hell beat out of them!

I have more pics of the production here. Check 'em out!