SingleTracks is Released!

After a long summer and fall of recording, mixing, re-recording, re-mixing, and mastering, Willard's highly anticipated sophomore effort "SingleTracks" is finally released!

Featuring 9 all-new originals and a live cover, the album showcases a wide variety of styles, from acoustic to electric, from folky to rocking!

Also, keep an ear out for special guest musicians Darin Rieland and Erik Sherburne!

You can listen to the album on the player to your right!

You can check out the album artwork here!

More to come in the ensuing weeks!


Get It Goin' B-side!

Every good album single is backed by a B-side, right? Well, Get It Goin' is no different!

Recorded live in the basement of Syrinx Studios, Get It Goin' is backed with a cover of Warren Zevon's 1987 tune The Factory.

While the original is upbeat, I thought it would sound cool as a slower, more somber tune...

I did some unique things in the recording process, check it out and see if you like it!

You can listen below, at YouTube, over to the right, or on the Willard Facebook page!


Let's Get It Goin'!

Alrighty! Here we go!

Here is the first track off my upcoming album "SingleTracks," to be released in October...

The first track is called Get It Goin' and is an energy-filled blast of sonic awesomeness. If it doesn't get you up and rocking, have 5-6 more beers and then play it at twice the volume...

That's me on the drums, bass, guitars, aux. percussion, and vocals. And that's the one and only Erik Sherburne on the rock organ. Bang!

Check it out below or on YouTube or at the Willard Facebook page!


New Album in the Works!

This post is being posted mostly as a tribute to my blog's most diligent "checker", Jim.

"Holy shit! There's something new! Linnea come quick! Bring the camera!"

I have been working on a new album this summer... So far it is vastly different than last summer's in that it is entirely more electric and includes 4270% more drums (check the math on that one).

Drum tracks have been interesting and frustrating to record. I've not had too much trouble with getting the *sound* I want, more the press-record-then-walk-around-the-drumkit-and-play-along-then-make-one-small-mistake-and-then-have-to-get-up-walk-around-the-drumkit-and-stop-recording-reset-hit-record-go-back-around-the-drumkit-and-play-again kind of trouble. The iPhone app "Free Mouse" has alleviated some of that annoyance/time wasting, but it still takes a while.

I envisioned, at the beginning of the summer, an album full of 60s garage rock... As the summer progressed, however, I found myself branching out a bit more. There are a lot more varying styles, which is probably good for the listener! I've also consciously tried to make the songs short and to the point. (Perhaps next summer will be the 20-minute-long-songs prog-rock record)

I have the talented-yet-not-oft-recorded Erik Sherburne coming over to lay down some organ/piano tracks on a couple songs. Should be a nice way to add some variety. Hopefully he doesn't try to "Jazz-it-up" too much... You know him, adding 9ths and dim aug 11ths all over the place...

I'm hoping to lay down the final tracks soon and then finish mixing up before the start of school... But we all know how that goes. Last year I finished it all up over MEA break. We'll see.

But stay tuned for some new tunes soon!


Make Me Smile!

Just a quick post for a quick recording I did recently!

I did a cover version of Chicago's "Make Me Smile" on my acoustic. The video was shot with my iPhone! Check it out below!