Snow Day 2012: Part II!

Another tune for good measure!

Snow Day 2012!

Anoka-Hennepin called off school for snow? Perhaps the 2012 apocalypse is truly upon us!

With the free time, might as well record a cover!


Gettin' a Little Chilly!

I just put the finishing touches on a new tune!

The tune's called "Catch That Cold," inspired by our recent trip to Austin!

While there we saw Nic Armstrong & The Thieves perform live at a bar called Swan Dive. Both the band and the bar were extremely cool!

Anyway, I liked the 60s-Rock-Yet-More-Rockin' sound that they had, so I tried out a new song in the vein of their sound... Check it out!

I used a lot of recently acquired equipment on the recording...

I've been playing around with my new pedalboard:

I love the MXR Micro Amp as a clean boost... It gives the amp a nice full sound even at low volumes. The Tube Screamer is a great overdrive, especially in combination with the Micro Amp! I'm not a huge fan of the Boss Distortion, it's a bit too much distortion on even the lowest setting, and isn't very versatile, so I'm in the market for a new one. The CryBaby Wah came with my guitar as a free gift! Sure, why not? I got the Korg Pitchblack tuner off Craigslist, and it does what it should! The Phase 90 I've had for years and years, I don't use it a ton, but it's nice to play around with...

I've also been playing around with my new amp:

The Deluxe Reverb has about the nicest clean sound of any amp I've ever heard... Super warm and toasty! And, hence the name, the reverb can go from a tiny amount to a crazy saturation. It's also fun to mess around with the tremolo (called Vibrato by Fender)...

Many more recordings to come I'm sure!