Hey! Look at that! Something new!

Tried out my iPhone 6's video capabilities with this unique perspective on myself drumming to a tune at a Recent show! Enjoy!


Places to [Snow]?

Well what we've got here is what we refer to as a good ol' Snow Day... And the day before my birthday no less!

Here's a newly released track to celebrate the snow day.

It was actually the track I recorded first last summer... It needed to age...

It's called "Places to Go" and has a fairly minimalist arrangement.


Finally! Something New!

Whenever I have Emma listen to one of my new recordings (both for "fun" and "she has a better ear than I do"), she many times will ask if the song is "about her," to which I always say, "No," as the lyrics were probably written in the span of 5 minutes and were the first things that rhymed that came out of my brain. 

I do not like writing lyrics.

But, in order to finally answer her in the affirmative, I came up with the song below, in which I may have taken some artistic liberties with our origin story:


New Tune: Sun & Moon Suite!

A New Tune!

Sun & Moon Suite: i. Trace the Sun / ii. Places Knew

Recorded in the Summer of 2012, I finally got around to mixing and pasting these two songs together. 

Originally I just had the song "Trace the Sun" and was going to let it stand on its own. Later in the summer, I recorded the guitar/banjo tracks to "Places Knew" and was happy with them. 

Then, I realized that the two songs were vaguely similar in their chords/arrangement. Hmm... Was I plagiarizing myself? If so, could I sue myself? If not, did I have a crappy memory?

I decided to bridge the two songs together, and then lyrically have them tie together as well! What resulted is a two-song suite! 

Check out the song below, and the lyric sheets HERE.

Sun & Moon Suite by TheWLRD


2012 and the Death of the Album

After much deliberation, I've decided that I'm going to release my recordings from this summer one at a time as I finish them.

I think this will allow me to a) Get music out faster instead of having to wait for an entire album to be done, b) Have something to work on after the summer sporadically, and c) Have a more consistant output of music.

That being said, here's the first tune I've finished this summer, entitled "Rollin' Over Mountains" - I enjoy the banjo, as well as the tremolo guitar towards the end! Listen below or to your right!

Rollin' Over Mountains by TheWLRD


Psych, Oh?

New recording!

Today I was trying out my birthday present from my wife, a new Shure SM57

I'm a huge fan of
The Sonics, a 60s garage rock band. If you've never listened, you should!

I think it sounds pretty good! I'm quite proud of the tone I got for the solo, if I do say so myself... And I did... I cranked up the amp pretty GD loud! 

Also, how did I get that saxophone sound on there, when I didn't have a saxophone? Hmm... Studio trickery?

Check it out!



After a long, crappy day at work, and a long, crappy night at class, I came home and this popped out of my brain:

Idea#3 by TheWLRD


I Need a Dolla, Dolla, Dolla is What I Need!

I was listening to The Astronauts' 1964 live album "Astronauts Orbit Kampus," today and heard their rendition of "Greenback Dollar." I thought it was pretty good! I had never heard the song before, and after some research, I realized why it sounded like a surf version of a Kingston Trio song.... 'Cause that's pretty much what it was!

I was inspired to figure out the chords, and then I figured I'd give it the ol' One Take treatment and record it live in the basement (aka New Syrinx Studios).

Turned out pretty good for one mic set in the middle of the room! Check it out!

Greenback Dollar (Live at New Syrinx Studios) by TheWLRD