New Tune: Sun & Moon Suite!

A New Tune!

Sun & Moon Suite: i. Trace the Sun / ii. Places Knew

Recorded in the Summer of 2012, I finally got around to mixing and pasting these two songs together. 

Originally I just had the song "Trace the Sun" and was going to let it stand on its own. Later in the summer, I recorded the guitar/banjo tracks to "Places Knew" and was happy with them. 

Then, I realized that the two songs were vaguely similar in their chords/arrangement. Hmm... Was I plagiarizing myself? If so, could I sue myself? If not, did I have a crappy memory?

I decided to bridge the two songs together, and then lyrically have them tie together as well! What resulted is a two-song suite! 

Check out the song below, and the lyric sheets HERE.

Sun & Moon Suite by TheWLRD

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Bones said...

I've been longing for some new releases. The suite is sweet!